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September 2015: Local Speakers for CHINA Town Hall 2015 Announced

September 2015: RCCPB to host Fu Jun Colloquium on China's Economic Growth

August 2015: Center moves to new Bloomington office in Global and International Studies Building

June 2015: RCCPB to Host Two Summer Events at IU China Office

May 2015: Working Paper on Technical Standardization in the Internet of Things Industry Released

April 2015: RCCPB Issues Zhang Xingxiang Autobiographical Working Paper on China's Lawmaking Process

April 2015: Gregory Ingram Speaks on Urban Housing and Local Finance in China

April 2015: RCCPB Issues Working Paper on China's Anti-Monopoly Law

April 2015: RCCPB Director Joyce Man Talks the Center's Future in IU Inc. Blog Post

March 2015: China's Environment Special Event Next Week

March 2015: IU Spring 2015 Events Calendar Announced

December 2014: IU Appoints Joyce Man Director of RCCPB

December 2014: Summary of IU China Philanthropy Summit now available

November 2014: Symposium on Government Affairs in China held at IU China Office

November 2014: Thomas Rawski to speak on China's development

October 2014: RCCPB Fall Newsletter Issued

October 2014: China Philanthropy Summit registration now open

October 2014: RCCPB working paper on ethical consumerism in China

October 2014: Deng Xinming to speak on consumer ethics in China

August 2014: RCCPB working paper on Chinese Outbound FDI

August 2014: RCCPB Fall Event Calendar Announced

August 2014: RCCPB Welcomes Practitioner-in-Residence Zhang Xingxiang

August 2014: RCCPB Recruiting Webmaster for Fall 2014

June 2014: RCCPB Summer 2014 Newsletter Issued

May 2014: Yanzhong Huang Blogs on China Philanthropy Challenges

May 2014: China Philanthropy Research Progress Meeting Held

May 2014: IU China Office Opens

May 2014: The RCCPB is Moving

May 2014: IU China Office Construction Underway

May 2014:
Giles to speak on migration and rural families in China

April 2014:
Initiative on Philanthropy sends students to intern in China

April 2014:
RCCPB recruiting Communications Manager

April 2014: Cunningham to deliver colloquium on China, the US, and CO2 emissions

April 2014:
Horsley to speak on political reform in the PRC

March 2014:
IU recruiting Office Manager for new Beijing rep office

February 2014:
RCCPB launchesThe China Politics & Business Monitor

February 2014:
RCCPB to sponsor conference on Chinese healthcare and medical products industry

February 2014:
Schuler to give talk on stock market reactions to visits by Chinese government officials

January 2014:
RCCPB Spring 2014 event schedule released

January 2014:
Center publishes study on fiduciary duty in Chinese corporate law

January 2014: Zhao to speak on Chinese nationalism and its implications

December 2013: Please Help the RCCPB Build More Bridges

December 2013: Conference Opens China Philanthropy Initiative Research

December 2013: RCCPB searching for Webmaster to begin in January

November 2013: RCCPB Director Scott Kennedy’s op-ed piece on the 3rd Plenum featured in the Wall Street Journal

November 2013: Hale speaks on global cooperation

November 2013:
Givens speaks on suing the Chinese state

October 2013:
China Town Hall hosts local experts on China and broadcast Madeline Albright talk

October 2013:
Weston speaks on history of Chinese journalists

August 2013:
Coverage on Philanthropy Initiative Grants

August 2013:
RCCPB Searching for Center Coordinator and Communications Director

June 2013:
Center publishes study on corporate benefits of NPC membership

April 2013:
Media Coverage on RCCPB Policy Recommendations Report on Global Governance

March 2013:
Caterpillar Shows How to Make Inroads in Asia

Jan 2013:
Final Chinese Industry-US Government Roundtable Held in Beijing

Fall 2014 Events Calendar

New from the RCCPB

May 2015: Tian Bowen, Collective Action Dilemmas in Technical Standardization: Learning from the Internet of Things Industry Full Text

April 2015: Zhang Xingxiang, Feeling the Rhythm of China's Legal Transformation: My Experience in Government and Business in China Full Text

April 2015: Zhang Xingxiang, China's Anti-Monopoly Law Enforcement: a Quest for Transparency, Consistency, and Fairness Full Text

October 2014: Deng Xinming, "Chinese Consumers' Ethical Consumption: Between Intent and Behavior." Full Text


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